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A bespoke wealth management strategy

At a time when the financial world has been shaken and economic and stock market indicators are hard to read, investors are feeling dazed by the multitude of banking products and services that do not always fit their needs.

In contrast, for its clients, Crédit Agricole Private Banking Miami embodies the fundamentals needed to form a strong relationship and manage their wealth over the long term. Every client is unique. As is every client’s success story, reflecting years of work, rewards for risks taken, a hunger for innovation, and the dedication of the client and his or her family.

At Crédit Agricole Private Banking Miami we put an emphasis on listening to our clients, which is the key to jointly deciding a bespoke wealth management strategy that respects their goals and personal constraints. This is how we form a real partnership, guaranteeing management services and advice suited to the client’s situation.

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    Crédit Agricole Private Banking Miami is part of the Crédit Agricole Group, which has one of the largest World-wide networks.
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    Crédit Agricole Private Banking Miami offers private banking customers a service founded on discretion and confidentiality. This entails a privileged relationship with advisers, providing top-quality asset management.
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    A complete and flexible offer which gives our clients a free hand for accessing their portfolio.
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    Please contact us if you have questions about any aspect of Crédit Agricole Private Banking Miami.